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advanced solutions in aluminum and wood

for the safety and isolation
of the house.

Since 2000 ALLTEC create products adaptable to different needs of architecture, elegant, of innovative design and available in several models exploiting the high technical properties of the aluminum and the elegance of wood in its
different textures and colors.


the manufacturing process of Alltec following working phases and standards that provide a high quality product, that with few and simple steps to be taken is durable.

The products ALLTEC can to be ordered custom and the delivery is made rapidly also at home


Particular attention is devoted to research of new materials that provide performances of thermal insulation and acoustic even better, without ignoring the needs of home security and more at competitive costs.

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Via Borgonuovo, 44
Isola del Liri
Prov. Frosinone

cap 03036

Tel +39 0776 853019
Fax +39 0776 850292

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Certificates CE The importance of 'Uw

The importance of 'Uw

To reduce the dispersion of heat, the constituent elements of the building envelope must have a low thermal transmittance value.
For windows and doors-windows, the thermal transmittance of the window represents the weighted average between the thermal transmittance of the frame Uf and Ug that of glass, plus an additional contribution, the linear thermal transmittance g, due to the interaction between the two components and in the presence of the spacer, applied along the perimeter of the glazing visible.

Certificates CE

The CE mark is required by law.
With it, the manufacturer self-certifies that the product complies with essential requirements of directives established for the use and commercialization in the European Economic Area countries.